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Mississippi Treasurer Lynn Fitch

Mississippi Treasurer Lynn Fitch

Mississippi’s 54th State Treasurer was elected on her promise to cut government spending, reduce debt, and improve Mississippi’s economic future. Since taking office, she has made good on that promise, saving the taxpayers more than $33 million by refinancing state bonds, returning more than $30 million in unclaimed property to the rightful owners, and restructuring the Mississippi Prepaid Affordable College Tuition, or MPACT Program, to make it cost-neutral for taxpayers. Together with the Mississippi Affordable College Savings (MACS) program, they provide Mississippians with two solid college savings vehicles.

She is also a champion of financial literacy among Mississippi’s young people establishing TEAM, the Treasurer’s Education About Money initiative- a statewide public, private and non-profit partnership bringing personal finance education to every high school in the state. She believes strongly that an educated workforce that understands sound financial management is key to Mississippi’s future.

Marcy Scoggins, Executive Assistant to Treasurer Lynn Fitch

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